Grateful Dead

They Love Each Other

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Mary run around, sailin' up and down,
Looking for a shot in some direction.
Got it from the top, it's nothing you can stop,
Lord, you know they made a fire connection.

They love each other, Lord you can see that it's true,
Lord you can see that it's true, Lord you can see that it's true.

He could pass his time, around some other line
But you know he choose this place beside her.
Don't get in their way, there's nothing you can say,
Nothing that you need to add or do.

They love each other, Lord you can see that it's true,
Lord you can see that it's true, Lord you can see that it's true.

Its' nothing, they explain, it's like a diesel train
you better not be there when it rolls, over,
And when that train rolls in, you wonder where it's been,
You gotta try and see a little further.


Though you'll make a noise, just can't hear your voice.
All the dizzy ride on your cold shoulder.

Won't you believe what I say is true?
Everything I did I heard it first from you.

Everything I tell you, I heard it first from you.
Heard your news report, you know you're falling short.
Pretty soon, we'll trust you for the weather.
When that ship comes in, you won't know where it's been.
You got to try to see a little further.

They Love Each Other de Grateful Dead

Esta canción aparece en 16 discos

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