Graham Parker

They Murdered The Clown

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The ringmaster looked a bit pasty and down Dying as he was to get out of town
The lions and the tigers had gnawed at his feet
But the lion tamer's whip hurt much more than their teeth
The Giovanni Sisters performed in a sweat Someone cut holes in the safety net
The Ritzo Brothers cancelled at the last minute
But no one missed their act there wasn't much in it

And after the show that night The clowns had the makeup wiped from their faces
When somebody pulled a knife and cut off Coco's bright red braces
They murdered the clown They wiped that grin right off his face
They murdered the clown Still the world's not a funnier place
funnier place

The kids rode the elephant heavy as lead
I think he'd much rather have sat on their heads
They're ripping the horn from the Rhino tonight
So some fat Sheik can fuck all night
And watch out for Coco when he's had a drink
He'll tickle the children right where they're pink
You might run away with the circus for fun
But it looks more like somewhere that you'd run from

You should see the fear on the dancing bears' faces
Take off their muzzles and check out the view
The gypsy boys seem such colourful characters
But you wouldn't want them moving in next to you
And after the whole lot has pulled out of town
The ringmaster still looks like he's going to drown
He pulls out a long knife that bears his initials
And buries it deep before he blows the whistle

She looked at him sideways she looked at him dark
She pulled at her beard and she started to bark
He told her before not to mess with the staff
But she fell for the clown Because she said he made her laugh

Autor(es): Graham Parker

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