Irving Berlin

They Were All Out Of Step But Jim

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[1st verse:]
Jimmy's mother went to see her son
Marching along on parade
In his uniform and with his gun
What a lovely picture he made
She came home that ev'ning
Filled up with delight
And to all the neighbors
She would yell with all her might

Did you see my little Jimmy marching
With the soldiers up the avenue?
There was Jimmy just as stiff as starch
Like his Daddy on the seventeenth of March
Did you notice all the lovely ladies
Casting their eyes on him?
Away he went
To live in a tent
Over in France with his regiment
Were you there, and tell me, did you notice?
They were all out of step but Jim

[2nd verse:]
That night little Jimmy's father stood
Buying the drinks for the crowd
You could tell that he was feeling good
He was talking terribly loud
Twenty times he treated
My! but he was dry
When his glass was empty
He would treat again and cry

[Alternate Lines In 2nd refrain:]
It made me glad
To gaze at the lad
Lord help the Kaiser if he's like his Dad

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