Youssou N'dour

Things Unspoken (Lees Waxul)

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Be alert to what you see on television and at the movies
And pay attention to what you read or hear
Don't beleive everything naively
Don't take everything at face value
Don't mindlessly follow every movement
Every leap and bound in that story in front of you
Many things are left unsaid
Engage yourself with the material
Many things are left unsaid
Pay attention to what is not said
Bring out for yourself
The things that are resting there
Beneath the surface.
What you read in books
Everything that you study
Cannot convey the whole picture
Our grandfathers passed on knowledge
In ways not taken much into account anymore
Pay attention to what is not said
Thank you
I'm going to read between the lines
Find meanings where the spaces are
Don't follow every movement,
Every leap and bound

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