Paul Anka

Think I'm In Love Again

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Here i go again
drifting on my own feet
lately it seems i've been
being old foolish me
mumble, when i try to talk
stumble, when i try to walk
like i'm in a state of shock
when i'm with you
here i go again
looking just like a clown
everything i say is wrong
whenever you're around
somehow i got kind of shy
and i can't look you in the eye
i come all apart inside
when i'm with you
* think i'm in love again
grinning that silly grin
look what a fool i've been
think i'm in love again
lately i lost my mind
and i do it everytime
yes, i know all the signs
of being in love
i won't lie to you
i've been in love before
but i think you're the one
that i've been waiting for
been around i'll admit
but, this time, all the pieces fit
something tells me "this is it"
when i'm with you *

Autor(es): Paul Anka

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