12 O'clock

Think Twice

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Yeah, Yeah, SOCs about to do it to ya once again
Live and direct
To all the SOCs kick up dust you can trust
The three of us to bust
True to Earth's crust
I must enforce my force of course
You need to cry for help because I'm fast like a quarterhorse
In the latenight, or afternoon ryhmes
In the daytime, it's never playtime
I creep up on your village or sector
Change your vector, your angle
The complex rap erector
Swallow your pride come to the stage and grab the mirco
Phone, your life leaked, your fucked, mic's blown
My shit's clear like mountain spring water
You better reaching for that nickel plated ink blotter
I see them suckers turning yellow like was struck by jaundice
It will be a cold day in hell before them fools get on this
Tactics that make moves that blur your vision
Some try, but come up dry like hair's thats not conditioned
Why they risk it? They will be insane, they defeated
False information to my peeps that I been seeing
For X amount of years and yo we never had no static
Them big yap kids, they need to break like a bad habit
Silly rabbits, trying to get their rep up
But they get wrecked up, when this verbalist decides to step up
You, what's your function?
Mine's to hit you like percussion
Some need to think twice before they be coming in and rushing
Yes, yes y'all you know we don't stop
It be the Shades of Culture crew making it hot on your block
Yes, yes y'all you know we never quit
It be the Shades of Culture crew with the Shades of Culture shhh...

We keep it nice with this mic device
Some need to think twice if they don't think we precise
Take our advice and start adjusting your sites
Ay yo we take it to mics when reality bites

Yo, here comes the Revolution and the Dark Shade
With the rap attitude to never get payed, out
You're laid out in a box, not yet
You're never too young to die, want to bet
Get thrown away from me like stuntmen on cables
In a Jet Li movie, silber screen story fable
Or Clive Barker's darker novels and short stories
These rap skills make most MC chill, (EPMD sample 'chill')
Up in the sky so high like cumulus, not Columbus
I'm calculated like calculus
I rock your shit from birth to the crypt, that's the deal
Can you keep a secret like Egypt
I let it shoot from the start
That I'm well skilled in this art
I be moving like a Ferrari compared to a go-cart
Put them shits in park
It's the all terrain vechicle
That brings the ruckus when I roll through your muncipal
District get hit by this kid with sharper wits
How a sucker wanna rap with missing teeth and swollen lips
Man, it's simple they gotta break out like a pimple
Evacuate the premises, vanish like William Kimble
'Cause Real people don't like those fakes who perpetrate
That's why we come correct with all the rhymes that we state
It's too late for apolagies
I'm out to demolish these
Obstacles in the way of we getting monopolies
There is not stopping these
What what, yo yo yo
Yes, yes y'all we don't stop
It be the Shades of Culture crew making it hot on your block


"My advice is to you, think twice
My advice is to you, think twice
My advice is to you, think twice
The price to pay is your life"

"1,2" scratched by DJ A-Trak