This Heart of Mine

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i first saw you at a festival and then i saw you at a few more shows. i knew that i had to introduce myself to you. after all those times of eachother it was something that i had to do. we hung out in your van. we became the best of friends.
i can't imagine anything better than that. i thank you. we first met when you booked us a show. we played in your backyard to three people. you made us good vegan food. we became friends with you. everytime we came to your town we stayed at your house. i thank you. as the years go by, this heart of mine says thanks many times for the friends it finds. i am so grateful. i am so lucky. i am so thankful that you found me.

"this song is for all my sweet friends. i've met so many incredible people over the past ten years of touring. i realized that a lot of my amazing friends that i've known for 10 years have moved to Bloomington, IN, which is where i live. having my friends here warms my heart and makes it feel full. you all mean to much to me. i really can say i'm so thankful for the kindness you have shown me. i'm so glad i have all of you in my life."

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