Dol Amroth

Those of ancient blood

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In a crypt hidden in dreams of stars afar,
Guarded by the sleeping dragon of Hatheg 'Kla
Dwell those of Ancient Blood!

Call to them and they shalt come...

In dreams they shall find you,
And in blood they'll bind you!
Black & screaming,
Back into the Abyss they shall carry you!

Pray to them and they shalt heed...

Set the sun for all eternity to come,
Ancient breed in burial fetters stirs!
Creatures of the void, amorphous and coiled.

Sing to them and they shalt listen...

Adorned with decorations of the Otherworld,
Whispering voices that you hear
Prowlers of inspiration dreams - A poet's familiar fiends!

There, in spaces 'twixt the stars, dwell those of Ancient Blood!

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