Acid Reign

This Is Serious

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And now... this is serious...

Dee doo de do de do de do de... 1 2 3 4
Dee do de ha ha snigger snigger... 1 2 3 4
(The voice of Stilly)

Aye ere wi see Richards troo mixture of emo...tions
Bi-emuss, rejection fwar contempt even ate
Anyway, all of which beyan a playg im
Mor and mor int followin daze
Anyway around now time forra snot poodle
Mmmmm luvle tayste evver so nice
Fresh from bottom
(The voice of Mac)

Close your mind to controve(r)sy
Don't express opinion just agreement
Good healthy views and morals
Join the system, patronise, don't antagonise
Tu ace off a pie
Is a foood ze zi ze zest
Ze zay uuu ooo aa... sex
And I require the bbbest

Eeee owww aaa awwww
Awww blinded by yorr cause
And numb to the effect awww
Awww eee aaa oww zeee zoaw de zeee
Fackin all of you, all of you hmm
(The voice of Kev)

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