Alexander Klaws

This Is What It Feels Like

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I was rough around the edges
I was too afraid to let you in
I was lost with no tomorrow
Til your love came round
And showed me I could win
Now every breath says I'm stronger
Every heart beat tells me why
I was born to be with you
We were born to fly

So this is what it feels like
When dreams are breaking through
And this is what it feels like
To be holding you
Now that I know
I know
I never want to let you go
If this what it feels to live
Then I'm alive

You spoke like an angel
Somehow you knew the language
Of my heart
You came you saw right through
And like only love can do
You took my hand
And led me back on home
And I will never question why
We were born to fly

On and on and on and on
You show me I belong
In this world with you forever
And there's no looking back

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