A Hill To Die Upon

This King Never Smiles

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"Avarice, or the desire of gain, is a universal passion, which operates at
all times, at all places, and upon all persons."
- David Hume

Live long the curse of Midas.
Be warned of greed and golden pastures.
For years, I've often sat and pondered "What more should I obtain"
"What else is left to conquer?"
Power, yes everlasting power
Obtained by wealth and gold
A force that I can touch and hold
Ignorance and avarice Hand in hand as one

Servant, bring my plate, I have a hunger
For I cannot live on my riches alone
Servant, night is close, where is my daughter?
What do you mean she's on the lawn?
Call her name, bring her to me.
What do you mean she's stiff and cold?
My own blood now a trophy?
My Dionysis, I've paid your price in full.

My kingdom lies in ruins from their king,
From my own hand my kingdom lies in ruins

I realize now my life's importance
I realize now my lesson learned
Each step I take toward golden fortune
That's one more foot in the ground

Please lift this curse from my head
Please lift this curse from my hands
Just let me wash my hands of this

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