This Means War

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Yakko : And so I stand corrected
Not everyone's our friend
Dot : The dicator,
Wakko : He wants a war,
YW D : So our country will defend!
Crowd : This means war,
This means war,
This means war!
YW D : Of course you know
This means War...


Anvilanian Anthem (Sung to My Old Kentucky Home)
D W : Oh the anvils shine
In my old Anvilanian home.


War Report
YW D : We thank you all for your support
And of the war, we now report

Yakko : Our country had been threatened
By a mean and crafty man
Dot : He wanted all our anvils
Wakko : And our country in the can.
YW D : We gathered up the bravest men
But they all ran away
Yakko : So Wakko, Dot, and I, the king
Went off to earn our pay.

Dot : The battle, it was fierce
Yakko : But we rolled with the punch
Y D : The odds, they were against us
Wakko : Six hours without lunch!

YW D : We fooled the old dictator
And his castle was destroyed
But we're not mean, and now with us
He's gainfully employed.
Umlatt: (spoken) This anvil was so big...
Crowd : How big was it?
Umlatt: This big.

Yakko : So now won't you join us
For country and the king
YW D : Raise your hammers high
And let the anvils ring!
Men : Let the anvils ring!
Crowd : Let the anvils ring!

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