Jaya The Cat

This Town

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God's ways can be hard to understand
When your living your life out of a trashcan
And for some the mic can turn into a crack pipe
If you don't have the strength to fight
Like don carlos said it's just day to day living
Staying one step ahead of the system
And if you don't watch out it'll piss all over you
And there's always some motherfucker there to say "i told you so"
And so it's 7 for 10 on your foodstamps
But if the vice squad catches you kid you'll have to make other plans
To fill up that pipe
Cause it's a downward spiral it just don't happen overnight

This town has left you so hard
And what about all those things when you were young?
And what about all that shit that you never done?
When you take, take, take, take what will you receive?
When you lie, lie, lie, lie what can you believe?

Hey kid where you been?
It's been a long time since you left the garden
Used to see you downtown at all the bars
Now you're sleeping near a heating grate
Living in your car
Begging spare change just to straighten out your brain
But the shit your putting in it is more of the same
Of what put you there in the first place
You think your buying freedom but it's just freebase

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