Thousand Miles From You

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I see a thousand miles through you,
From love to just unfinished clues.
You always showed me how to live,
Always showed me how to live.

Go on and take this pain of mine,
I promise I will end this and die.
You've always showed me how to live,
Still show me how to live.

Eyes closed to see,
What lies inside of me,
Easily, you're going to find in me, you.

A thousand miles from you, endless way home,
I navigate on seas unknown.
Leave me so I can move on,
Build strength on my own.
Another time brand new for me.

Starts, a movie in slow motion,
Frame loosing colors,
Drying the oceans.

All there is, is a gray dark cloud,
Rising a shield facing my sun.
But I won't take cover,
I look over my shoulder,
Miles from you.

Autor(es): Danilo Herbert / Miguel Spada / Mindflow / Rafael Pensado / Ricardo Winandy / Rodrigo Hidalgo