Through Haunted Caverns

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Constantinople has fallen
An evil of invincible force
Swept across the Carpathian Mountains
Out of Transylvania arose a great roman knight
From the sacred order of the dragons, Known as the Dracu's. Victories of that great race are a tale to be told. For I am the last of my kind

I condemn you to living death
To eternal hunger for living blood
You impotent men with their foolish swells
Cannot portect your from my power

I renounce God
I shall rise from my own death
To avenge with all the powers of darkness
The blood is the life and it shall be mine
I bring you from the light into the shadows
Darkness is my light
Lifeless, soulless, hated and feared
I am the monster that breathing men would kill

Across the icy seas to my land
I will grow strong, wolves howl, the children of the night. Do not put your faith in such trinkets of deceit
I will release the powers of darkness

What devil or witch was ever so great
As the demon that flows through my veins
Beyond the grace of God
Wonderer of the outer darkness
You will be my devoted disciple
I walk to feed upon precious blood
Condemned to hell I command
Winds!!! Winds!!! Winds!!!

You think you can destroy me
I have sereved the cross, the light of all lights
Hundreds of years before you were born
Look at what your God has done to me

My land, the most beautiful place in creation
A land beyond a great, great forest
Surrounded by majestic mountain
To be found nowhere else
In the catacoms of my castle
You will enter through my haunted caverns

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