Through My Rearview

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I'm haunted by nightmares all my niggas that died
Homies in dark cells, I imagined they cried
In a world of cocksuckers and these bitches that lie
Jodi tryna understand what type of nigga am I?
Asks me why I'm so quiet, what I'm holdin' inside
"Somethin' wrong with you baby? Why you stare at the sky?"
Told her I was just in thought, looking back on my life
There was times I thought I'd never ever survive
Never thought I'd live a day to see
A time when I would rise above my enemies
Maybe it's my karma and my destiny
To makin' sure these niggas gon' remember me
Once again it's on, rollin whether right or we wrong
Ain't no hope for tomorrow, another shot of Patron
Only live for the moment, we could die any moment
Like The World Is A Ghetto, like my childhood was stolen
Said a prayer for my niggas in the darkest corners
We one in the same the way them cops beat on us
Had a dream I was back inside of prison last night
Hearin' voices screamin' get it like it's just your last night
Tryna​ give these niggas vision homie
Can only hope to God that they listen to me
Cause you can take a look inside the sky
See the times is real
We was hungry so we started doin' crimes for meals
I'm just askin' is there really any time to kill?
Cause they​ killin' us and still they want my kind to chill
What the fuck do these blogs know?
Cuz I'm the realest nigga in the world yo
Startin to really feel like there's somethin' missin' outta my life
Got me holdin' on tight to these strippers at night
Knowin' that I got a daughter home
And it's really my job to keep her off a pole
Sittin' in the middle of the kitchen comin' up with a plan
Tryna raise my son to be a better man than I am
Won't let him fall to these cold streets
Victim of the system it's a ??
Can't believe I made it past the old me
I lived​ long enough to be a OG
In a Benz just staring at the world through my rearview
Don't want to kill all these niggas but I'm prepared to
Close your eyes if I'm with you you can see in the dark
The industry is for the lames, dick-riders and marks
It was obvious that I was built different from start
And I'd never sell my soul just to be on the charts
I'm a king that go that hard
Half a key on the stove in a glass jar
Attracted by the lights and these fast cars
Time to blast off like it's NASA
Tell me how am I living in a world where it's cool to pretend
If I die don't cry we probably never was friends
Got love for my real ones in any event
Get into the money still but never content
Guess it's all about who you know
Shout out to all my young ?? yo
And if you gon' do it make a movie bro
This the realest shit that I've ever wrote
In a mother fuckin' studio