Throw Ya Hands Up w/Lady Bunny

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Bunny- "Now Ru, it's been along time since we've been together"
Ru- "That's right, Bunny, let's get out there and let these children have it
Throw ya hands up, it's time to get down
(Come on, you)
Gotta work it out, gotta work, gotta work it out
Everybody get wild
Yo' man done did you wrong, so honey leave that mess at home
Call yo' girlfriends up on the phone (hello?)
Time to dash, grab ya stash, get yo' party on
Time-time's a wastin', no more-hesitatin'
You need a change of pace and we're here to motivate cha'
For your information, here's the situation
Never give up, never give up
The groove is your salvation
Every eye's on you, causing a scandal with those moves
You're givin' em legendary attitude,
Bottles poppin, cameras watchin', now pose for YouTube
We got the rhythm to make you move, now let us see what you can do
I'm talking to you, I'm talking to you, and you too
Now get in the groove, yeah yeah

Autor(es): E. Miah / J. Ingle / R. Charles

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