Frozen Mist

Thy Comfort Remains Betrayed

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A rotting tree doused in cemetery rain,
I gaze at the stars high above the sky,
A soft whispering breeze blows in my ear,
Revealing the truth of your eternal lies.
I'm all alone in this wicked night,
I watch the grey clouds drift up high,
She dances erotic dreams unfulfilled,
A grave illusion fractured in my mind,
I love to watch her be so sexual,
Never to clear this dream to fade,
She is stillborn so young and pure,
Thy comfort hide in ye darkened shade.
Her black fingernails scratch my back,
Bliss so small as your sparrow's eyes,
The stained glass that holds the wisdom,
It drifts away the dream slowly dies.
Into an ocean of drowning memories,
My self-consciousness sinks deep into tears,
As i wonder into a state of beautiful isolation,
This apathy of death is breaking thy curse. ...and so i hide under this erotic hell,
A suffocating burden of hollow creations,
My love for you i yearn to feel,
Thy comfort remains betrayed.

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