The Bear Quartet


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If you'll make it down to the water
You better rub against the rocks
Until the shame wears off
You gotta get it off
Then wrap yourself up in napkins
All the ones it takes
You took it all for granted
And that was your mistake

You could have done something, anything
But you didn't react
You were blindfolded, petrified
When it came to that

He says: "i wasn't aware of what i was up against
I never saw the ban
I miscalculated the resistance
When i tried to act a man
I got carried away by power
The situation got out of hand
And anyway she was asking for it
She was asking bad"

You could have been someone, anyone
Instead of less than none
A good-looking girl in the mountains
Untouched by evil scum

Guilt by association
If there ever was
Guilt by not taking action
I know the feeling
Cause i've seen it close to home

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