Ravenna Woods


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Time is up and I'm ready to go. I was scared, 'cause I didn't know what comes next
When you break down the fence. What comes next...
They tell us that we can't leave - oh no. All the things we collected,
Possessions we're so proud of surround you on your deathbed.
I lost my past in one night - it went fast away. It all was gone by day.
I lost my soul, in one breath - the first life I stole; in one red cloud of smoke.
Now I'm searching for the fire - that is what I was told to do.
There's nothing here for you, nothing left to lose. Leave; there's nothing left to see,
Nothing you can do.
Closer and closer the tides of the sea bring black waves of fuel,
There's nothing to see so go home - it's under control.
Faster and faster it's coming undone; black waves are lapping your feet as you run -
You should have left sooner my friend.