Pam Tillis

'Til All the Lonely's Gone

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Well Hank made a living out of lonely
He sang like a freight train whistle moan
Said "You'll never get out of this world alive"
As if he'd always known, Lord, Lord
As if he'd always known

Rode down that hillbilly highway
Took a big black cadillac on home
And he said "Driver keep on driving
'Til all the lonely's gone"


'Til all the lonely, 'til all the lonely
'Til all the lonely's gone, gone, gone
Let's just hold on to each other
'Til all the lonely's gone

I told my mama, "Dear sweet mama,
I'm tired and weary to the bone
Just let me walk along your flowers"
Makes me wonder why I roam, Lord, Lord
Makes me wonder why I roam

Feed me biscuits and milk gravy
'Til your baby's feeling strong
We'll sit up picking on the front porch, yeah
'Til all the lonely's gone


Well now Jesus was praying in the garden
He never felt so all alone
They knew His suffering was over
When they rolled away the stone, Lord, Lord
When they rolled away the stone

On golden stairs He walked to Heaven
And there He's waiting on the throne
He loves to hear His children sing and shout
'Til all the lonely's gone


Autor(es): Bob DiPiero / John Scott Sherrill / Pam Tillis

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