Bill Anderson

Till Death Do Us Part

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Forsaking all others till death do us part
Wherever you go I'll follow and whatever you do I want to be part of it
Because you're so much a part of me that I just couldn't live without you

Forsaking all others for better or worse I don't even have to think about it
Because no matter how rough it gets along the way
Every step that I take with you is over a mountain of happiness
Or through a valley of golden sunshine
For richer or poorer I'll never be poor as long as I own your love
Because it's the most priceless possession that I have

You made me the richest girl in the world when you gave your heart to me
Every day with you is a heaven on earth
That neither money can buy not poverty take away
I'm yours to hold to keep and to love forever
With every beat of my heart I live only for you
(One love one life one dream forever one love for one heart till death do us part)
Till death do us part

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