Till the Victory!

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Beginning our charge, swords drawn. We're coming fast, like thunderstorm
Lightning bolts are lighting our way.
Ground tremble under our feet, rain flees before our shields
And wolves crawl away in fear
Earth deafened by our warcry, two ravens flying high
Above our heads…
To the victory we go! Hail!

Like hammer of gods we'll strike, crushing and smiting through enemy lines
Beware of our wrath!
The foe will not hold our onslaught, no matter the cost, their last will fall
Don't stand on our way!
And some of us will die, but we shall prevail!

As funeral fires burn out, we'll march again in spite of wounds
And stronger we'll be though our numbers are few
And our fate to fight the war that never ends
To stand and prevail when others would fail
Till the victory we'll go! Hail!