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Time cannot explain every word we've seen
And you're still watching me
Sometimes I get these dreams that make me shiver
But I just cannot see you watching me

But don't bring me down
And don't lead me around
Come out softly now
And bring me home

Lies that come what may, in every word you've spoken
That you've washed over me
The times I've tried to make you see, and get just 5 minutes from you
But I don't care what you've seen. Anymore

But don't waste your tears
And don't leave yourself here
You knew this time was near
So just let go...

Just let go of this broken home
Just relax. Take the time.
Think of everything you've shattered this time
You were mine. Not anymore.
I can't listen to your poison anymore
So go. Leave me here
And tell them what you think of me now.

So I'm waiting here while the river runs on
With pieces of my youth
Tonight I feel like dancing lke the microlites ahead
It never felt so good

And I just want to live forever
Cover my nights all together
And stare in the dark
See the streetlights shining over
Every pavement now the rain is over
But for now

I'll be waiting here