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We don't talk
Like we used to
The perfect present
Is no longer the future
And I can't find it
Trust me I looked around
Seems like all the sand
Is in the bottom now

We gotta know
Know when to fight
Know when to hold
And when to let it go
I hope we survive
Cause it's passing by
I won't be surprised
If it all up and blows

I wish we could rewind
I wish we could rewind

We are the shore
The wave is rising
We are the dust
Made out of diamonds
Where metal rusts
We all are drowning
Island of man
We are surrounded

Make a little love
Make a little war
Tell me how it feels
Dreaming without a future

Have a little laugh
Have a little cry
Each moment gets us closer
To saying goodbye

The big hand
Keeps getting closer
To the little hand
All good things
Come to an end
And turn around again

And turn around again

Autor(es): Balewa Muhammad / Chris Cornell / Ezekiel Lewis / James Washington / Jerome Jroc Harmon / Timothy Mo

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