To Mourn Job

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While we sit anxious around the bonfires
Trying to think of things to say
All is lying at the very brink
I guess we've seen enough today

Aye, it is with truth I say
All fierce to avenge we were
As job had fallen prey
This night was just a blur

His spirit we will cherish
To mourn, we had no time
The wicked's light shall perish
His spark of fire shall not shine

The bo'sun placed his hand with dread
Over the poor lad's heart
Job, so mangled an be-bled
And the boy moved not ever again

Our bonfires well raked
Sent up nightly pillars of flame
The next morning's dawn we waked
There was a great wind and rain

I hope some day, my friend
You'll be back on peaceful soil
The least said the better
Gotten rid of all turmoil