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You say that you're leaving here
But just for one day
The time rearranged itself
To hide your mistakes
And I know I don't know you
And they're saying it's nothing
To hide in the corners
Watching time fade away

So we danced through the doorways
And the shadows of our minds
Said goodbye to the altar
Longing to leave the world behind
And now you're dreaming - you're breaking up out loud
And now you're crying _ you've pushed yourself too far

Today I will worship, today I will fall
Today I will cut myself at anyone's call
Yesterday's fading into pieces of light
I'll remember today when I am dreaming tonight

You said that you're sorry
For the things that you saw
The night at the Robinson's
the daylight before
And I know I don't owe you
Anything that I've bought
But it seems you're an angel
That can never be caught

But when you thre away your halo
And let me in your mind
I couldn't understand why Autumn
Seemed so many months behind
And now you're shifting the seasons out of line
And now you tell me I should leave my world behind