Acoustic Junction

Today We Sing The Blues

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He's walking with his baby dreaming of a
rainbow rainbow is holding them tight
outside it's cold inside he's sewed
warm to his baby at night.

The window it wept and the lightning bug crept
shining its light this way
walked into a web nowhere to go
you know it just worked out that way

Today we sing the blues
Tomorrow we cry for more.

Johnny's in the Ryder loading a bowl, Marky is already stoned
well we've come this far now open the bar
or we're gonna turn around and the truck back home
there's children in the streets screaming for
peace and the soldiers storm on by
the Chinese guns aimed at their own ones
for democracy they must die.

Green hills poisoned pills more stuff more
thrills graveyards full of junk
thatched roofs hunger pains feed the poor
pray for rain if you can't swim you're sunk

So what do you do in this crazy old world
do you laugh cry is there any hope
do you build a farm cause nobody harm
grow your own and learn to cope
or do you build a city with the smog and pity
get all caught up in the smoke
no you sing the blues.

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