Mint Condition

Touch That Body

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Hey pretty lady, I've been knowing you for a long time
Can we talks, there's something ?? on my mind
I've been thinking, bout you and me baby gettin' it on
We should do it, promise I'll hold you all night long

Touch that body, touch that body baby (4x)

Can I take you home, promise there'll be not telephone
Just you and me, take care of you from a to z
You know I got your back, treat you like a queen, wouldn't know how to act
You know I'm all you need, girl I'm here to please


Can you see it through, making me a part of you (2x)

Chorus (w/female response)
Touch that body baby (I can do it baby)
Won't you work it baby (I can drive you crazy) (2x)

to End

Autor(es): Ricky Kinchen

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