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I hope that you'll agree
And find our love to be
One of the most radiant affinities
Always in love is true
You'll do for me as well I will do for you
And will watch this love build
I love you more than I can so you in a rhyme
I was hoping we can spend some time
My goal in life fully consist of you and me
That we will live our live in affinity

I love you more than words can show you
Affinity (affinity....)

Speaking of you and I
Our love must hold no lies
And brings no alibi no jive
With us hopefully our love will always be
The envey of the young an old
I love the fact that you feel exactly like I do
And helps our affinity to prosper

Infinite affinity [echo:] (affinity)

Our affinity should last forever
you'll make it happen,I'll make it happen, will make it happen
Affinity [repeat until end]