To Get To You No. 2

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I would walk out on my knees to get to you
If I have to hike I'd still bike that'd save my shoes
I can hear them sigh old Ben is high you know it too
But they can't say all the tricks I'll play to get to you

Burn my britches behind me and I'll get to you
Swinging through jungle vines to get to you ohletoohoo
I would swim the Nile full of crocodiles ain't that a crock or two
I would stay up days just to think up ways to get to you

If it's the last thing I do I willl get to you
And it just might be the end of me if I get to you
Sause your old man he only stands about seven foot two
And I'm so afraid I might get waylaid before I get to you

Burn my britches behind me to get to you
And if he ever finds me that's what he'll do
And I know that too
Yes I know my love your one floor above is at 2-0-2
Please dont give up hope just throw down the rope
And I'll get to you
Whooo haha I'm coming darlin'

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