Tori Amos


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To you it's another day
To me it's a grim reaping
Just another shooting star
Strung out on your wire

Prick my finger
On his virgin silver
He told me raw ginger
Carmalize me

Tombigbee Tombigbee
Help me hang these bones
Gotta hang these bones out to dry
He loves me
He loved me
Ravishingly low
Gotta hang these bones out to dry

Got a blackberry stain
And they're not even in season
If you're not yet a woman
You got no business playing this


So you get done
Then you get some
Sure enough it won't hold you for long
Then you say ride
This is all mine
But hasn't your donor card expired?

From Blueridge to Cattail
On the prairie
From fly over country back to Mississippi
I said, "go , man you go"

But you raise me twenty
I'm raising you five-
hundred treaties signed by your fathers' lies
Go, man, you go
'Cuz I'm trailing her tears
The ones you won't hold
You roll me a carpet
Roll me a carpet, boy
Roll me a carpet
From here to Oklahoma


Autor(es): Tori Amos