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Am i breathing history?
Every breath a moment that i’ll never repeat
Sacred for everyone
Arm your prayers and stoke them down the barrel of a gun
When all the venom shapes calm voices into cries
The poison aches, berates archaic lullaby‘s
Don’t look back don’t turn away
This journey i must undertake
I will run forever
Keep your memories precious
In our pathology convictions rain down from the innocent bereaved
Can i tame my hemisphere think only thoughts provoke a wealth of happiness
When all the tremors shake out relics of the mind
Clandestine thoughts ensure our legacy survives
Don’t look back don’t hesitate
This journey that we all must take
I will learn forever
Keep your memories precious
Set your feelings free
And you can’t choose the love that you lose
Forever haunted by tragic auras
And i want you as living proof
Its not that i’m just holding on and on

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