Sun Kil Moon

Tonight in Bilbao

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I walked the old eroded streets
A million miles now have gone behind me
walked in the room, soaked up its fumes
Surveyed the faces I am lying to

Gave what I had, I gave my heart
Though I was broken and falling apart
Gave for the memory of a friend
Not for myself and not for them

When I was done I met someone
She came in from the storm so bright and welcome
Her friends came and swept her away
Disappeared like coyotes off on dark high plains

I looked across the river so still
Trying to remember
Where it was last night I laid my head to sleep
Where the empty night hung heavily over

I left bilbao went to Madrid
To Barcelona, to Pamplona
where every ghost runs in me now
Haunting me

I flew in over the red clay roofs
And floated through the clouds as they swallowed shut
The bronze tinted landing ?
And houses row the hills like yellowing teeth

When we touched down, opened my eyes to the sun
The dizzying air filled my lungs
And just as soon she woke me
My eyes blurry, my mind heavy

I left Milan I went to Rome
And carried her aroma to Verona
And all the kindness she had shown
Was only a dream

The Flurries down storm cold gray too?
The frozen nights where ignored souls live
As last rays of daylight died
I'm going into my head and clearing my eyes

And as the train pulled away from Cologne
The noise down wire so loudly that it groaned
And as the engines burned through the night
I stared off at far-away lights

I left Berlin and I came home
To sleeping potions and blue oceans
Where my love so selflessly
Awaited me

I long to feel her light so warm
My thoughts racing to the places
Where her room invited me
Awaited me

As the ocean brings in its high tide
As the darkness sets upon the beach
As we drive we look out at black ?

Over the bridge, the city sparkles so bright
A hungry stomach smell ??
Dim light a television blaring softly
And here the perfect night as fog horns sing ?

Autor(es): Mark Kozelek

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