Sun Kil Moon

Tonight in the Sky

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Her head lay back in blankets soft white down
Her hair warm autumn colours, floating
Our days were classroom poems, true young love
Some nights we roar like lions, some we coo like doves

I left her long ago one summer, chasing dreams
I hummed good sweet explosions? Sweet nothings
I broke her heart not knowing she'd return
And graven scars deep in me, forever

I hear my sleeping sister
In the early morning hours
I hear her though it's silent
Standing over me now

Tonight the skies
Will open for you
Mountains and big clouds
Divide us in two

She fell into his arms, his sweet strong kiss
She made her perfect gardens in this?
World that turned its back, shook things round
In time it took our loving sister down

I met my fallen angel one last time
I promised always through me she would shine
I held her hands, I sunk into her heart
Til powers unrelenting, pulled us apart

I saw my sleeping sister
Rising toward a light
A mist above the skyline
On that neverending night

Tonight bright stars
Are shining for you
Oceans and full moons
Deep midnight blue

I woke up every morning
Not believing her to be gone
Outside the doves and sparrows
Carried on

Building now so sweetly
Settled into spring
Outside the kids in their yards

I loved you like no other
Your eyes I can't erase
Your voice it wakes me always
Pouring down from space

Like warm sun rays
You're turning into
Wind sails on cool bays
I'm watching for you

Tonight the skies
Are open for you
Mountains and big clouds
Dividing in two

Autor(es): Mark Kozelek

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