Butch Walker

Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed

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that was a helluva party last night
i cant believe i helped you break up a fight
trust fund kids should stay away from clubs
i remember my first beer too
i coulda used a little more to do
the conversations got snorted
and i cant find my shoes
so lets go to the coffee shop
dressed like we are
and make people think (its what we do)
all day, we sing la la la
all night we go blah blah blah
all morning we just yawn a lot lot lot
yeah it makes ya look better
when you look like u got nothin better to do
god your hair is a fucking mess
so hurry put on a ski cap, and maybe a vest
just try kinda hard to make
it not look like ya tried at all
i know a place with a line outside
where we can maybe get a table
sitting side by side
we can listen to the conversations
like flies on the wall

Autor(es): Butch Walker

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