Too Many Cannibals

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Wo wo woy, no no no no, woi yo woi yo
A revolution time again

Too many cannibals devour one another
It seems the sheep are more dangerous than the wolves
Too many cannibals devour one another
So what you gonna do to stop these ya evilous moves?

Too much of the cannibalism
Too much of the ism and schism (division)
Too much of the cannibalism
It seems the sheep them no longer need the wolves

Cannibals (4X)

Why, why, why, why?
Satan's the accuser of our brothers
His job is just to blame criticize and complain
He is the accuser of the brethren
Any time we do the same we're operating in his name
A fire dies out for a lack of fuel
And tension is gone when gossip discontinues
Without wood there is no fire
And without gossip the quarrel shall die

Cannibals (4X)

Tell them some more yeah
A with a friend like them I said nobody needs no enemy
But I refuse to choose this enmity
I want to share the same vision--Not a division
Unity this community

Cannibalism it is a terrible thing
It is a dreadful thing
If you know what I mean

You better look out, look out
A revolution time again
I said the enemy a go on like friend
Revolution time again
Better watch out, watch out!

(Verse One)