Delbert McClinton

Too Much

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Too much, Too much
We've already taken to much
Everybody's gonna have to give some
Or He's gonna give us up.

Take a look at the city
They're all pretty much the same
They all got something called downtown
They all got a street called Main.
They all got lots of people
They all got lots of names
They all got different faces
And they're all playing different games.

Too much, Too much
We've already taken too much
We gonna have to open up our heart's just a little
If we ever gonna get in touch.

Lord God it's a pity
Ain't nothin' but a cryin' shame
Everybody wants to take glory
But nobody wants the blame
Now when your journey's over
And you're stading before the Man
How you gonna look Him in the eye
and say, Lord I done it all in Jesus' Name.

Autor(es): Delbert McClinton

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