Top-notch Gangsta

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Yea gpg
Yea gunpowder guru
Yayo, fif what's good
Banks whattup

R.i.p to lodi mac
I pray to god i get them niggaz back
I'm on that rich nigga shit i could kill about 5 of you
And when you die i build a mall on top of you
New york my roof fit
In that porsche panarama s armor kit
They say yay is a dead man walking
So when i die put a half of pound in my coffin

I'm a top notch gangsta you know where to find me
Deep in the streets yay know i'm out grinding
H boy shit drive by with a 100 clips
Blast me a chest nothin left but a hollow tip

They say lifes a bitch, then you die
So that sour got me on another high
And i promise you huey p i'd revenge his death
Squeeze the drum out the k till theses nothing left
I hit a nigga from a 100 yards you think he telling
I got his head on a scope like a watermelon
I wake up to big blunts and td jakes homies
And got them call of duty guns by the safe homie
Money made me a target that's what happened
The hip hop police they own manhatten
They locked wayne up, they locked p up
And every other day man they tryna lock me up

Autor(es): ,Louie Castro

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