Nuno Bettencourt

True Love In The Galaxy

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Sadness runs, lonely dies, fear explodes
The moment you arrive
And all the stars align, i'm fine

Life's a trip, start to fall, just in time
I float inside your eyes
I sit there for a while and smile

(you know there's somebody out there)
(you know there's something out there)
(well what are you waiting for?)

Come aboard the rocketship
We're blasting through the milky way
Where love is a billion meteors
Crashlanding into you
True love in the galaxy
Have you heard the crazy news
Isn't true
They say that love it dies
Can't believe the lies. they lie
They don't know where we live
The galaxy where love surpasses love
I wish they'd all just come with us

Autor(es): Anthony J. Resta / Nuno Bettencourt

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