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A little boy played strange games
no toy he ever touched
but when nobody looked
his body cooked - in his soul where burnin´ flames

Oh my son I see your talent
waitin´ for such guys like you
satan´s in his throne
in his dark damned doom
his help he´ll shurly sent!

Refrain I:
Oh little mouse - where is your head
do you want something instead
now little bird you see my blade
now you see I know my trade

He the master in his own four walls
life´s an life in fun
cause his only joy
is an livin´toy
- somebody to cut off -

Refrain II:
Oh bloody body - where´s your head
can´t find it in this mess
missused life i can´t stand it
but I´ll have success!

Not finished - under construction!!!

Autor(es): Destruction

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