White Wizzard

Torpedo of Truth

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As I gaze into the light of the sun
A fire burns inside the wells that fuel my pounding heart
Seeking truth within the realm of the lies
Illusions dancing all around my mind that blind my eyes

Torpedo of truth
Torpedo of truth
Right between the eyes
Destroying the lies
Torpedo of truth
Torpedo of truth
Torpedo of truth
Light into black
With massive attack
Torpedo of truth

As I pound my fists into the black night
I feel an urge to break the chains that bind and rape my mind
On a quest to reach the ultimate goal
Free from ones that try to manipulate and take control

Ashes of past mistakes blow away
I see the path to a new brighter day
Embracing what I feel inside my mind
No control of religion or being
I will find my own way of seeing
Purest truth of vision I shall find