Adrian Bourgeois


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I don't want to fight though you've touched me in the wrong way
I was up last night just wishing you were dead
If I lie nobody hurts but if I cry it only burns me faster

I won't say you're mine till you've touched me in the right way
I'll just close my eyes as you tear off my head
That may sound a little weak but it's my stand against the siege of disaster

There's no alibi for swearing your prediction this would kill you would conceal your wish to die
And there's no lengths that I won't go to to save you from the sin and the pain of being right

But no good friend of mine would touch me like a cold day
You pretend that I have lost my will to feel
But there's no falser truth than the one you mock with ruthless laughter

I don't want to hear you're sorry 'cause I don't regret your eyes when they still believed in sight

I don't want to fight though you touched me in the wrong way
I'll love you despite all the bitter words we've said
If the world refused to turn it would not deter these birds from flying

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