Touch Me

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Cop:hey thats against the law your commin with me
Peter:eh eh eh... cant touch me, cant touch me

Just like the bad guy, from lethal weapon 2
I've got diplomatic immunity, so hammer you cant sue
I can write graffiti, even j-walk in the street
I can riot,loot, not give a hoot
And touch your sisters teet
Cant touch me! cant touch me!

Mayor adam west: what in gods name is he doing?
Cant touch me!
Cleaveland: i believe thats the worm

Peter: stop! peter time! i'm a big shot, theres no doubt
Light a fire, then pee it out
Dont like it, kiss my rump
Just for a minute lets all do the bump
Cant touch me yea do the peter griffin bump cant touch me

I'm presidential peter, interns think i'm hot
Dont care if your handicapped, i'll still park in your spot
I've been around the world, from hartford to bakbay
Its peter go peter i'm mac peter yo peter
Lets see regis rap this way cant touch me!
Except for you, you can touch me.

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