Above This

Tough Shit Society

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Let it go let it go, they tell me, dont worry about you, you know your just alittle bitch
Make a move make a move, if you want some
I told you step up if you had a fucking problem
You make my life hell and I'll make you my bitch, I'm so exhausted now
I've had enough of this, there’s no one left to blame so things will never be the same
So hear me loud and clear dont ever come back here
Make up your story, lies filled with glory, if I see your face I wont exactly give your space
Bring back the good times when there was no lies,
When people just sat back and never gave a fuck
So so perfect, something so worth it, something above this, something so loveless
Stick as a group now, make up a rebound,
fuck up the system and maybe they'll listen to you
Now as time passes by, I really have to get something off of my chest..
STOP with the drama.. I'm fucking over it so what the fuck you gonna do with yourself.
Cause this is all I have and this is all I know
Cause this all we have, and you will never
Cause I want you to be there for me
Cause I need you to be there for me
Cause I want you to be there for me
Cause I need you to be here for me now
Conflict arises in all the worse times, I swear to god that you will never defeat me now
Fuck the hater trolls, its fucking pointless, so talk your shit and make me proud..
Come on... tell me something that will humor me..
Lookin like a bitch! why you lookin like a snitch like..
Let me set them straight for your entertainment..
Stab a motherfucker when you grab a motherfucker like
Show them who the boss is in this buisness
In this life I've seen too much, in my time I've lived it up
Let me show you how to love, just as long as we stand above..
Sometimes you have to be tough shit to get what you want..
Well show me what you got motherfuckers..
Now your off the wire.. tell me now what is it you desire..
Now your off the wire tell me now what is it you desire now..
Bring it back bring it back to where we first started off now..
I'm the baddest motherfucker I'm the baddest motherfucker..
In this buisness.. so fuck your words you little bitch.. hehe