The Dark

Tower Of Babylon

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Once before, we built a spire
Climbed and climbed, ever higher
King gods brought us down
Left our envy on the ground
Mentallity, confuse me
Take away my name
Show us just what babble
Is another game we play

Spread your wings, learn how to fly
Learn how to live, and when to die
Can't you see, the future's now
We try to fly, but don't know how

Oh my god, what you've begun
You've left our earth, work undone
Dreams are but our prayers
You see, there's nothing left but heresy
Oh my god, what have you done
You left us in a cruel world
With all the pain and sufferince
I have tried to make it better since
God gaved us life and soul
Some of us tried to take it all
I have taken what i need
So i can plant again the seed


Build a tower into the sky
Dream a way to god
Reach until you learn to fly
Leave no path unthrod
Build a tower of babylon
Build a tower for me
Strive and toil, work and die
Raise your dreams then flee

When silenced pain
Remains and stays
When fear walks tall
And conquers all
Can we end this flood?
Waters wash is cleaning
This sweap of death and pain
Why am i left?
Why do i remain?

Things you oughta see
Solutions that i can't find
Things you live to see
Places where i can hide