Rob Zombie

Trade In Your Guns For a Coffin

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Obey submit assue consume the dream
That never just follow the rules
Stop go too fast too slow
And when your done you get nothing, hon

It's why we suck why we fuck alright,
Trade in your guns for a coffin, man, alright

Buy outsell our risk reward
Destroying yourself as you jump on board
Lost found get up get down
And when your dead bukowski said

Baby shooting vodka in her eyes again, again
She wanna get higher and live her life again, again, again, again

Stay asleep and watch tv be happy, be happy [x2]

User bruiser generation loser
You do not think just follow the link
Hero hellhole quit it hit
It over in the clover beethoven keels over

It's why we suck why we fuck alright, alright
Trade in your guns for a coffin man alright, alright, alright, alright

Stay asleep this is your god watch tv [x2]

Autor(es): John Lowery

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