Tragic Mirror

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Someone worse than you
It is not to be born
Petty and snobby
Futile even die
By out, you paints yourself
And inside, you rots
Do you feel?
You stink

You disrespects
The law of gravity
You're on top?
What goes up
Will fall one day
Law of physics
You will age
Will feel in the skin
The price of his supreme vanity
Will appeal
To the botox of the insanity

Lust and orgies
The capital and central office
Of their capital sins
Your dreams and fantasies
In puns
You deceives well
Committeth adultery
His own shadow
Earns your fame also
A matter of honor
You love yourself

You if idolizes
Until you hear what it says your mirror
What you hate most...
"Listen your tragic council"
Your perfect defect
Is written on your face
All your shame
You if dishonor
But not dishonor your bargain

Autor(es): Gambeta

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