Tragic Monsters

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What we don't know can fill a truck
What we don't know cannot hurt us
Well, is that so?
We're hard to destruct
Well, is that so?
Why do we get crushed?

Prepare the isolation chamber
I'm going in
And all the people there will wonder
"Can we go with him?"

Tell me now you're only kidding
When you say "We'll pass away"
Tell me now this yarn we're spinning
Doesn't end on judgement day

All tragic monsters are crying for themselves
In attics and in basements
In cages and prison cells
Wishing that the citizen's myth they could dispel
Until you see the faces
In the limestone on the pipe
Don't tell the tragic monsters what loneliness is like

And is there any wonder
That some misfits lose their mind?
Left to fumble asunder
In the world deaf, dumb, and blind
And can they sense our justice
When they commit their crime?
How can they abide our justice?
They're already doing time

What we don't know (x7)
Can't hurt us yet

Autor(es): Harrison Haynes / Seth Jabour / Syd Butler / Tim Harrington

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