Cledus T. Judd

Trailer Park Woman

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She's got tattoes on her backside and a car jacked up out front
my neighbor next door is an old old whore and she's off on a husband hunt
spends her days in the laundra mat washing and drying tube tops
i ain't real crazy about my old lady but i don't really think i'd swap
spends her nights in a strip joint doing an exotic dance in an out of date pair of platform shoes and worn out spandex pants
her kids still live with her mother and her step-brother who is unemployed
drives an old chartruse pinto, sleeps with a dude named Floyd

She's a trailer park women
she's a mobile home princess
the queen of manufactored housing
she's a trailer park women
she's a mobile home princess and
me i'm the trailer park king

she's got a bad reputation she's the talk of the neighborhood
yea maybe her place ain't graceland but the furniture is just as good
i often stare in her window when she is getting dressed inside
but she don't mind she looks up to me cause i own a double wide
i got a concrete block foundation and it impresses her so
she always comes a-knocking whenever there's a tornado


and me i'm the trailer park
yes i'm the trailer park
she loves the trailer park king

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